Work is collaborative or it’s not fun.  We pull together or why bother?  I’m passionate about working with great people, using technology to tell compelling stories and develop ideas that make a qualitative difference in the world.  I love digging into the essence of an idea and helping our team boil it down into something great.  I thrive in environments that harness and value the intersection of technology and content.  I’m a “let’s get it done” person, dot connector and BS eliminator who knows how to energize a group, delight users and clients, meet deadlines and budgets while having fun. 

I have deep experience in digital product and content development, with lead roles in technical and creative direction,  touching all facets of content creation for web/interactive, feature film, commercial/short form & video games.  I have proven expertise in project planning and asset management,  SaaS/IaaS production tools & workflows, 2D/3D media production, motion graphics and post; editorial, CGI/VFX, live-action A/V production.

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